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List of countries importing Birla Tyres.

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Birla Tyres is a Govt. recognized Trading House Status Holder and also has been the recipient of Capexil awards for Exports for many years for its consistency in maintaining marketing strategies for the export markets and also developed new products to adapt to specific requirements of different export markets. The exports operate through a strong and dedicated distribution channels and our importers are fully supported by the companies technical team and their duly trained persons. To make business we reach out to the end users; satisfying them with a quality product at a very reasonable price.

In spite of today's competitive global landscape, BIRLA TYRES continues to enjoy high customers' confidence and loyalty. BIRLA TYRES exports 15% of its production of Bus and Truck Tyres to more than 50 Countries namely Bangladesh, Vietnam, Middle East, Africa, Philippines, Afghanistan, South America, North America etc. We feel proud that there are satisfied people around the world riding safely on our tyres.

Export Certificates

Here are the export certificates of Soncap Registration Certificate, Nigeria and Trading House, Status Holder Certificate.